Main Features

  • Power:2.0HP
  • Bar Length :35/41cm
  • Chain :3/8" x .050"
  • Oil/Fuel Tank Capacity :automatic/zero flow rate at idle speed
  • Sound Pressure/Power Level :99.6/110.4dB(A)
  • Lh/rh vibration level :6.0/6.7 m/s2
  • Dry weight without bar and chain :4.6 Kg

Designed for occasional use by home users (small pruning jobs, cutting trunks of small-medium diameter for firewood), this chain saw is practical and easy to use, owing to a series of devices which make it extremely to start (starting sequence shown on the engine cover), operate and maintain.

•The illustrated step-by-step start-up instructions on the machine body ensure quick and safe starting, even for less expert users.
•Primer device, positioned in full view on the engine cover, facilitates starting from cold, after refuelling or following lengthy idle periods.
•On-Off switch and choke incorporated in a single multi-function lever: guarantees practical and simple operation.
•Transparent tanks for immediate and continuous display of oil and fuel/air mixture levels.
Anti-vibration system using 3 spring dampers and 3 rubber stops: significantly isolates the operator from engine vibration, for greater comfort during use.
•The new design of the starter handle makes starting the machine more comfortable.
•Filter cover built into the engine cowling: can be checked or serviced simply by removing the 3 fixing screws.
•The sponge air filter is simple and quick to clean, ensuring more hours of running time between maintenance stops.
Carburettor bracket with 4 anti-vibration mounts: ensures stable fuel burn under all operating conditions, and longer carburettor life.
•Incorporating on-board clutch with drum and brake belt integrated in the crankcase: prevents foreign matter from getting between the centrifugal weights, ensuring consistently perfect operation and facilitating removal of the chain guard.
•Automatic constant flow rate oil pump: cuts in only when the chain is moving. This means no troublesome oil leaks when the tool is not cutting.


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