Main Features

  • Power:2.2HP
  • Bar Length :35-41cm
  • Chain :3/8" x .050" Special
  • Oil Pump :automatic/zero flow rate at idle speed
  • Oil/Fuel tank capacity :0.22 L/0.32L
  • Sound Pressure/Power level :99/109.5 dB(A)
  • Lh/rh vibration level :5.2/5.5 m/s2
  • Dry weight without bar and chain :4.3Kg

Chain saws intended to offer a credible response to the needs of discerning home users who want a power tool for lopping, pruning, small-medium diameter cutting and general tasks like chopping up firewood. Designed incorporating the technology of chain saws with higher specifications, these machines guarantee performance at the very top of their class, cutting effortlessly and quickly, and with maximum efficiency.

•Automatic oil pump, of aluminium construction: ensures zero flow at idling speed, and outstanding long-term durability.
•Electronically controlled digital coil, reduces starting effort and favours lower fuel consumption.
•2-ring piston, nickel cylinder, forged steel connecting rod and crankshaft: efficiency guaranteed constant over time.
•Models equipped with numerous devices that will simplify maintenance operations, like the inspectable muffler or no-tools filter cover.
•SP model equipped with “EasyOn” starting system and labour-saving side-mounted chain tensioner


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