Oleo-Mac OM 106/22 H

HC 247 P

Main Features

  • Power/Displacement :1.0 HP - 0.75 kW/21.7 cm³
  • Blade length : 600 mm
  • Weight :5.2 kg

Oleo-Mac professional hedgetrimmers have all the features needed to prune very large and thickly vegetated hedges with minimal problems.


Powerful and rugged and yet still light enough to be easily manageable, these models have steel blades and an aluminium gearbox: top quality components that ensure consistently high efficiency through time.

Oleo-Mac professional petrol engine hedgetrimmers guarantee high productivity with a significant reduction in fatigue and working times. The petrol engine models are equipped with high quality adjustable steel blades and a professional aluminium gearbox.

The “Primer” and “Easy On” systems allow easy cold starting of the engine. The antivibration system, composed of 4 springs, provides complete isolation of the handles. The double-edge blade models are equipped with a 180° swivel handle with 5 intermediate positions for the utmost practicality of operation in any working position.


You can contact us on the telephone number listed. Alternatively you c​an email us with any enquiries you have - simply send an email to thegang@gwaungarage.co.uk and we will endeavour to get back to you in the quickest possible time.

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