Aspen Stockists!

We are now stockists of Aspen Fuel!

We are delighted with this product so far and can’t recommend it highly enough!

Apsen 2 is a pre mixed 2-stoke high performance ethanol free alkylate petrol, it is premixed with high performance biodegradable fully synthetic 2-storke oil. Blended at 50:1 and designed to work in all air cooled engines that require a pre mixed blend. It burns extremely clean with virtually no carbon build up. Toxic emissions, smoke and smell are dramatically reduced in comparison to pump fuel. It is free of ethanol, sulphur, solvents, olefins and benzene. 3-5 year shelf life unlike pump fuels 30 days. Aspen 2 is ideal for smaller garden machinery, blowers, hedge trimmers and strimmers.

Aspen 4 is designed to be used in small engines such as lawnmowers, generators, stoves and outboard engines etc. Aspen 4 is the ideal fuel for your lawnmower as it drastically reduces emissions and can be left in the tank without affecting the fuel system. Aspen is chemically inert meaning that it will not break down as soon as you put into the tank. Your machine will easily start with aspen in Spring even after being left in the tank over winter. Did you know that 1hr of mowing with petrol emits the same amount of toxin emissions as a modern car running for 300hrs. Not only is Aspen 4 a superb fuel for your lawnmower but is also a perfect choice for your petrol fuelled generators, stoves, lanterns, classic cars, motorbikes, outboard engines plus anything else that runs on unleaded petrol!